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Bonus Episode: ERP Trends for Energy Companies

December 15, 2023 ERP Advisors Group
The ERP Advisor
Bonus Episode: ERP Trends for Energy Companies
Show Notes

As energy companies charge into 2024, they will look to grow their business by eliminating manual processes with advanced ERP solutions. Renewable energy has also resurged through the transformation of the U.S. energy system with The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) "encouraging investment in American energy supply chains, clean energy job creation, emissions reduction, and consumer energy savings" ( These changes may ultimately require companies to expand infrastructure and alternative energy conversion structures or plants. As a result, energy companies must prioritize their decision-making capabilities to ensure speed and a competitive edge, as well as prepare for more capital-intensive projects within their ever-evolving industry. But what are some of the biggest challenges being faced by energy companies? And how will ERP technology change their landscape in 2024? In this special mini-series, Shawn Windle showcases the exciting future for energy companies thanks to advancements in ERP and the trends that will shape the market in the new year.

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