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The ERP Minute Episode 112 - November 14, 2023

November 15, 2023 ERP Advisors Group
The ERP Advisor
The ERP Minute Episode 112 - November 14, 2023
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Sage kicked off the week by releasing their new updates in Sage Intacct. Acumatica announced its integration with Shopify's B2B e-commerce capabilities. QAD introduced its new digital assistant that utilizes the power of AI. Oracle announced its agreement with Microsoft to support the growth of AI services. Nextworld announced its new improvements across its finance, sales, procurement, and manufacturing suites.

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Hi and welcome to episode 112 of The ERP Minute. I’m your host, Rebekah McCabe.

Sage recently released new product updates in Sage Intacct for increased automation, deeper insights, and even stronger compliance. Product enhancements include advanced ownership consolidations, project intelligence, ministry intelligence, PwC control insights for Sage Intacct, and 1099 e-filing powered by TaxBandits. These are especially important for complex businesses looking to achieve full financial compliance with their Sage Intacct solutions, providing even greater value to customers. 

Acumatica followed the product enhancement trend, announcing that with its latest product update, it is the first ERP solution to integrate with Shopify’s B2B commerce capabilities – providing businesses with a single tool to manage the full omnichannel sales experience. This provides customers with the functionality necessary to deliver to customers in emerging channels while delivering a consistent experience.

QAD capitalized on the process mining trend and the power of AI, introducing Miny, a digital assistant that pioneers user ease and efficiency inside QAD’s process mining solution, QAD Process Intelligence. Miny is a generative AI that is trained on a private and secure version of OpenAI’s GPT-4. It can engage in conversations around process mining, respond to “common language” questions around key concepts, system navigation, and even summarize insights that QAD Process Intelligence has revealed about monitored business processes. This major advancement in process mining will assist customers in improving tedious, manual processes without the strenuous need to train employees on new AI trends.

Oracle recently announced a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to support the growth of AI services. Microsoft is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI Infrastructure, along with Microsoft Azure AI infrastructure, for inferencing AI models that are being optimized to power Microsoft Bing conversational searches daily. With the advanced technology offered by these infrastructure giants, they can support the ever-increasing demand for Bing conversational search, making AI more accessible to all.

Finally, Nextworld unveiled 23.2, its second product release of this year, which included improvements across all their business suites including finance, sales, procurement, manufacturing, and inventory. Highlights include inventory control applications, enhanced experience for Citizen Developers with the launch of Nextbot Developer Studio, and an AI toolkit launched across the platform. Businesses look to their vendors to produce innovative solutions meant for the advancement of their business processes. These enhancements will enable Nextworld customers to scale utilizing the platform.

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